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Steps to Get Your Phentermine with the help of Dr. Date Online Prescription

Brand new Patient Process:

  1. After your New patient consultation with authorized medical team members , we handle internally the entire process by generating an internal prescription, which our staff follows up to the point of facilitating upto the time your medication is shipped first class via usps
  2. This process can take upto 48 – 72 hours after you have a face to face virtual consultation. After your medical report is approved by the Physician or authorized medical staff your prescription is processed for shipment.
  3. You will be receiving an email from : admin@dr2bthin.comOur payment Solution Partner and Processor – will email you the interactive invoice on receipt of approval from the medical staff.In case of non-receipt of the invoice within 48-72 hours and for any query about your order, please contact the Help Desk at : with your legal name and/or invoice number. All medications are dispensed via Electronic Rx and/or mail only on weekdays Mon through Friday.All medical approvals for reorders are processed only on weekdays.Once the payment is successfully processed and a shipping label has been generated you will receive a pre transit tracking number in your email from —— Shippo(Check your spam). For any queries you may email to
  4. The total charge for the Entire process of consultation upto facilitating completion is $77.99 +$6.95 shipping & handling = $84.94
  5. To Book An Appointment Click Here
    (**Prices are subject to change because of cost increase without notice)
  6. For all our different options of processing.
  7. Note: Phentermine can only be prescribed by itself and not along with Semaglutide.
Phentermine, a popular weight loss drug helps you lose bodyweight by suppressing your appetite. However, phentermine is not an alternative for a healthy diet, and exercise and pit can only help you shed weight only if the proper diet and exercise are followed.

Several people lost weight using phentermine however, the results may differ from person to person. The results are based on their reaction, how long they use it, and their weight loss activities.

For certain people whom the medication is not proved to be successful can depend upon other means to lose weight.

In order to use phentermine as a weight loss medication a physician (and or his trained licensed staff) should first review patient chart and then must have a live consult with the patient to ensure that phentermine is safe for him/her.

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How do i see a medical professional to buy Phentermine:

Go to
  • Let’s start by making an appointment for a virtual consultation with our Phentermine Doctor or his trained medical staff.
  • Go to and —Scroll down to Click the button for — Brand new patient to book an appointment.
  • You can select the date and time to book your free consultation with our medical professional from the comfort of your home.
  • Next fill the patient form. (It’s mandatory to fill this form.)
  • Register and create your account. (POST – registration you need to fill your patient form.)
  • At your scheduled time you will be contacted by our medical staff after reviewing your patient form which has a list of your health condition, blood pressures & many other modalities.
  • Once you are approved during your free live consultation by our medical profession our office will be automatically informed and we will be sending you an invoice from –Wave.(check spam for wave)
  • A diet chart will also be emailed to you once you are approved.
  • We do not charge you if you are not approved.
  • (There’s a possibility that based on your medical conditions you may not be approved by Dr.Date or his medical staff.)
  • Phentermine is the most popular weight loss medicine helping users to lose their body weight effectively without any health hazard. This process is done through the suppression of appetite. It will be wrong to assume however that phentermine is a diet alternative.
  • Endless people have used phentermine and experienced its benefits. However, it must be kept in mind that the results are not the same for everyone.
  • Every individual differs in their eating habits, activity level and present health condition.
  • Reaction to the medication differs from person to person.
  • For the proper use of phentermine consultation with the physician is essential. After careful review of the patient’s health conditions the patient is cleared .
  • Phentermine is FDA approved for weight loss and has been used effectively since 1960 onwards.
  • The physician has to be licensed and has to have a dea licence .
  • Phentermine can only be dispensed after a medical consultation where you have an eye to eye contact with our Physician or his trained medical staff.

There are several factors to keep in mind while using phentermine

  • A Mediterranean diet is highly advisable.
  • Dr2bthin’s recommended diet is emailed to the patient once they are approved .
    The following elements are important to be included in your new lifestyle:
    This is a not a diet but a lifestyle:
    Consumption of vegetables and fruits.
  • Along with phentermine one must consume vegetables and fruits which have a large role in keeping you healthy.
  • There is no limit for consuming vegetables but fruits have to be limited to berries and apples preferably. Always consume your fruit before 3 pm.
  • The bulk which is created in the gut by consuming these helps in cleansing the body.
  • No fruit juice is allowed on this program .
  • Mixed Green salad is always recommended before any meal .
  • Avoid potatoes, peas, and pasta.
  • Desserts recommended by Dr2bthin are Jello,Sugar free whipping cream & Berries,chia pudding (with truvia as a sugar alternative if needed)
  • Proper nutrition must be included in the diet when it comes to a healthy body. However, all the experts do agree that nutrition is the primary key to a healthy body. The importance of micro and macronutrients cannot be overemphasised. Green vegetables, homemade celery ginger juice, homemade soups without fillers , grilled and sauteed meats and vegetables all help to accelerate the pace of your weightloss and contribute to your success with Phentermine. Half bowl of Quinoa , Multi grain small tortilla , Half bowl brown rice once a day before 2 pm is recommended.
  • Phentermine is indeed extremely helpful in reducing hunger and controlling the cravings.

Choice of oil to use:

Olive oil , Desi Ghee, Coconut oil.

Inclusion of Water

You need to consider water as an essential element in your diet. You need to drink water as much as possible. Hydrate your body with a minimum 8-10 glasses of water during the day. Toxins are released with water from the body and it also helps to keep you satiated and fuller.

Use Quality protein

Quality protein intake is important for the body to function properly physically and neurologically. Protein is the building block for the body. Protein helps to keep you fuller since it takes longer to digest. In our recommended diet chart we give you plenty of options for vegetarian and non vegetarian protein consumption. With an active lifestyle as you exercise and slowly build muscle protein intake becomes more imperative

Fibre intake

Do not forget that fiber happens to be a dominant ingredient in your day-to-day diet. Fibre helps with gut cleansing and your morning routine.

Food Items That Should Not Be Used While Using Phentermine:

The following food items are essential to be avoided for ensuring your weight loss.

Do not Take Simple Carbohydrates

Simple carbohydrates spike your blood sugar and just do not work to optimize your weight loss with. Food items, such as candy, sugar, and flour products, chocolates , cakes , bagels , pizzas , cereals and pastas should be avoided. Sodas of all types should also be avoided.

Reduce Sugar Intake

Only natural sugar from limited fruit is recommended. Avoid sugar at all costs. Truvia and stevia are some alternate choices. Avoid sugars as it adds fructose in the body. Too much consumption of sugar means overloading the liver with sugar and creating fat, leading to risky ailments, such as diabetes, obesity, high cholesterol and most importantly it also messes up your gut bacteria and ruins your digestion.

Do Not Take Alcohol

While you are on the Phentermine a strict ‘No’ to Alcohol as it increases the sugar level in the body. Avoid Acidifying Foods Definitely avoid alcohol, soda, sugars, coffee, ice cream, etc. Follow our recommendations for optimum results: Never take Phentermine on an empty stomach –a definite no no.. Many patients do this mistake of staying hungry assuming this will make the drug work faster and better. One must eat properly and try to follow our recommended diet. What is the best way to take Phentermine: Phentermine should be taken first thing in the morning. When starting your journey with Phentermine towards weight loss one must consume Half a pill of Phentermine for the first one week with Milk or Natural Almond milk first thing in the morning. After one week taking the whole pill is the way to go but always remember (TAKE IT ONLY EARLY IN THE MORNING) One must not ever take Phentermine late morning or in the afternoon as doing this interfere with one’s sleep pattern. For reordering just go to the website and click on reorder without code button and it will prompt you and guide you. Moderate exercise and some weight training is highly recommended. Choice of oil to use: Olive oil ,Desi Ghee, Coconut oil.

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