Our office policy as per our physician Dr.Date for reorders starting from second month onwards is as follow:

  1. Dr. Date needs TO SEE you New selfie taking your blood pressure with your arm in the cuff —your face and digital blood pressure numbers should be visible.
  2. Blood pressure to be –139/89 or under.Pulse to be below 100.
  3. You can do your blood pressure in any one of the following ways convenient to you:
    • With a home unit
    • At Any pharmacy– CVS etc or at Walmart.
  4. Once we receive and have reviewed your information we will process your prescription (if it meets all our safety requirements.)
  5. We May be calling you for some clarifications.
  6. You will receive an invoice from Wave to do the payment (check spam folder ) You will directly make a credit card payment to Paymentshub.
  7. We follow up to insure that your order is shipped first class via usps.
  8. Once we recieve your payment you are shipped first class usps and USPS sends you tracking .(check spam)
  9. For any other queries you may email to
  10. Information on Dosage by month for Semaglutide: :

    • First Month   (4 Shots $299)

      GLP1 - Semaglutide Injection 1mg/1ml (1ml vial) - 30 Days
      Weeks 1-4 = Inject 0.25mg (25 Units)
      SQ Weekly (Total 1mg per month)

    • Second Month   (4 Shots $345)

      GLP1 - Semaglutide Injection 2.5mg/1mL (1mL Vial) - 30 Days
      Weeks 5-8 = Inject 0.5mg (20 Units)
      SQ Weekly (Total 2mg per month) - remainder 0.5 mg

    • Third Month   (4 Shots $375)

      GLP1 - Semaglutide Injection 2.5mg/mL (2mL Vial) - 30 Days
      Weeks 9-12 = Inject 1.0mg (40 Units)
      SQ Weekly (Total 4mg per month) - remainder 1mg

    • Maintenance Protocol   (4 Shots $455)

      GLP1 - Semaglutide Injection 5mg/1mL (2.5mL Vial) - 30 Days+
      Weeks 18 Onwards = Inject 1.0mg (20 Units)
      SQ Weekly (Total 9.6mg per month) - remainder 2.9 mg

    • Shipping + Handling for each month Doses $14.99

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